What are the Costs and Benefits of AI Copy Writing?

AI copywriting has come into the spotlight as a recent tool for assisting businesses to write copy for on-line platforms. We examine the costs and benefits of AI copywriting in more detail.

Costs of AI Copywriting

The costs of AI copywriting include:

  • Some services are available for free that generate AI content, bur most have a paid AI content generation program. You will need to research what is an appropriate App for you to have for your business.
  • You will need to train your AI Copywriter about your business and the services/products it offers.  This will ensure content is more specific for your business needs.
  • The content currently available in March 2023 is not original and has been taken from the internet. It may breach copyright laws and could land your business in hot water.
  • You will have to substantially change the content to make sure it is different. You don’t want your content to look like content already on the internet.
  • The content does not reflect your business voice. You will need to modify the content to better reflect your brand voice.

Benefits of AI Copywriting

The benefits of AI copywriting include:

  • AI Copywriters can be used to research material and provide basic information available on the internet.
  • AI Copywriters can be used to find keywords which you can then use to write your content.
  • If you put the effort into setting up your AI bot, your content will be better aligned with your brand goals and business voice.
  • Social media marketers can use AI Copywriters to develop interesting article headlines.
  • Content marketers can generate content around SEO keywords. This content will be more authentic for the business.
  • Customer service agents can use chatbots to answer mundane questions. More detailed and difficult questions themselves.
  • You can learn from your AI as it learns from you. Pay attention to keywords, sentence structure and click-through actions.

This article has been written by an AI Copywriter but has been modified to ensure the content is original and in line Absolutely Digital’s voice and branding.

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