App Benefits

Why Do I Need an App?


An App is essential if you have existing customers and want to keep in contact with them.  Emails can get lost and customers don’t always respond to them.  When emails come back, they can get lost in your email.  If communications come through an App, they can be recorded there and be easily found when required. 

Information can be sent to your customers to provide a service, and notifications can be sent to them as required.  We have built Apps for Personal Trainers and other Professional Service Providers to keep in contact with their existing clients.


When is a Web App Required?

If you have a call centre, a web-app may be more appropriate.  When customers call up, you can register their details on a private website-based app.  This information is password protected.  A form can be filled in with all the necessary information, in a logical sequence, ensuring that nothing is forgotten. 

This information can be stored on a private server or in the cloud.  This information can generate documents or send email notifications.  This system can also be interfaced with your Accounts processing software to generate invoices.


What if an App Won’t be Approved by Apple?

Sometimes Apple won’t approve an App.  This can be because of the following reasons:

  • No original content – the content or idea is not new, more functions will need to be added to ensure the App is different.
  • Illegal activities in the App – such as selling guns without a license, selling drugs, or promoting other illegal activities.
  • Immoral activities in the App – Apple has a high standard against immoral activities, so ensure your idea meets this standard.

We can discuss your App idea with you to work out if it would be approved by Apple before we develop your App.


Apple Will Want a Slice of the Cake

If you are selling products through an App, Apple will want a 30% commission.  This cost may be too much for some businesses.  The alternative is to develop an eCommerce website to sell your products. 

Shopify provides a great platform to sell products and they charge a monthly fee from $29 US, plus credit charge rates from 2.9%.    Shopify provide their own SEO with websites and our customers have been very happy with their Shopify websites.


If you have a business idea and don’t know whether an App will suit, talk with Absolutely Digital today.


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