Sue Cole from the Orlando Group asked Absolutely Digital to develop an App for people who have difficulty reading to understand the written word.

The Image Easy Reader App allows:

  • People to communicate with others when they have difficulty reading.
  • Has a secondary application of allowing deaf people convert speech to text so they don’t have to miss out on the conversation.

NC Crew wanted a Job App to organise how they pack containers to ensure client packages arrive safely.  This App features:

  • The ability to create new jobs
  • A list of jobs per employee
  • A clients list
  • An Admin Section

Modbury Bowling Club needed an App to keeep in contact with their members.  Absolutely Digital developed an App with the following features:

  • A list of Bowling Club Members and Bowling Club Addresses.
  • Links to Google Maps so you can get to other venues safey.
  • Easily adapted for other bowling clubs, sporting clubs or membership organisations.
  • A WordPuzzles game similar to “Wheel of Fortune”.
  • Lots of different categories.
  • Will keep you entertained for hours.
  • Random Raffle numbers generated.
  • Numbers generated within a range of numbers.
  • Extra Dice Game with up to 12 die.
  • Color in for your whole family.
  • Many different types of images to color in.
  • Will keep you busy for hours.
  • Developed to warm people up before a meeting.
  • Use whilst training as a break.
  • Get to know others in your group.