Business Apps

Apps that do functions such as membership, data collection and sales apps.

Business Apps

Consider how processes can be streamlined for your business processes, sales and customer support.
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Clubs Apps

Apps for your Sporting, Professional, School or Not for Profit Organisation.

Apps for Clubs

Do you want to keep in contact with your club members/
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Membership Apps

Apps that keep you in contact with your members so you can them information.

Membership Apps

Do you have members that you would like to keep in contact with?
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Activities Apps

Want to complete a function. This example is team building exercises.

Activities Apps

Do you have an idea for an activity that can be completed on an App?
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Absolutely Digital will work with you and appoint a dedicated Project Manager to ensure the project is running according to plan, within Scope, budget and time frames. This is done by:

1. Having an initial meeting to discuss the Scope of the Project and expected outcomes for functionality.

2. A Quote is developed from the Scope as either a Fixed Price (if the Scope has been clearly defined) or Time and Materials if the Scope has not been clearly defined (with only an estimate of price).

3. The App Requirements Workshop is undertaken to ensure all details are included in the App Development.

4. The User Interface and User Experience is developed.

4a. The User Interface and User Experience are reviewed.

5. The App Development is Commenced.

5a. A Prototype of the App is developed for the client.

5b. The App Prototype is reviewed with the client to ensure that it meets all the requirements.

6. App modifications are made from the Review.

7. Thorough App Review and Testing of the app is done to ensure the App is fully operational.  Problems are debugged as they arise. 

8. The App is published.

9. The App is maintained as per the contract.