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What are the Reasons for Having an App?


If you are finding that you are missing critical information then you need an App.  Apps can developed for many purposes including:


Collecting Job Details for Tradies

Benefits of have an App for Trades Businesses include:

  • A step-by-step process that your Tradie must complete.  This will ensure you have all the information you need.
  • An App Customized for your needs.  This will include all the information you need to get the job done and bill customers.
  • Attach photos for the project.  This could be serial numbers of products and products themselves.
  • Attach critical forms and documents to the job.
  • Information is sent to your database, website, or online portal.  Information can also be sent as an email.


Collecting Information from Customers

An App can be used to collect orders from your customers:

  • For Business to Business or Business to Consumer markets.
  • Customers can download your App and use it themselves.  They can instruct their staff how to use the App.
  • Apps are easy to use and users don’t have to scroll through a lot of content.
  • A password is not required every time an order is taken.  This makes the order process easier for your customers.
  • Services can be included as a generic service or packaged with products to increase sales.
  • All products and services available and images can be displayed on an App.
  • Customers can place orders without the email trail.
  • Send push notifications about product specials or limited supply runs directly to your customers.
  • Customers and staff can see outstanding orders to be filled.


Communicating with your Members

You can easily communicate with your members through an App:

  • Can be used for sporting clubs, business associations, education institutions, and special interest groups
  • Send push notifications to members about special events or other important pieces of news.
  • Show timetables for events or competitions.  Members can drill down on the timetables.
  • Display sponsors details and their specials.
  • Show contact details of other members (with their approval).


This list is only limited by your imagination.  If you have an idea for an App, contact Jose Gil or Ann-Marie Gil to discuss it further.  We can even sign a Confidentiality Agreement.


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