App Types

What Types of Apps can Absolutely Digital Make?


Your App Developers can develop an app for just about everything. 


Assist Customers

If you require information to assist your customers, your App Developers can develop an app for you.


Membership Apps

Membership Apps for Sporting Clubs for example, the Modbury Bowling Club app.


An App for Current Customers to Purchase your Goods or Services

An App for customers to purchase goods and services which links to your Ecommerce website to ensure stock levels are accurate. Customers will have no need to login to your website every time they want to make a purchase.


An App to Generate Random Numbers

An app to generate random numbers which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


An App for Schools

A Schools App that provides parents, teachers and students with information about Events, Newsletters, Public Holidays, Student Free Days and Timetables.


A Medical Services App

A Medical Services App that links to your website for patients to make bookings for specific Doctors, read Doctor profiles and find out about the different services offered by their clinic.


A Menu App

A Menu App that allows you to order your food from your table, process payment and send the order straight through to the kitchen.


A Beauty Salon App

An App for your Beauty Salon that allows you to book in for a hair-cut, colour and treatment without calling the salon. This app links straight through to the website booking system so there are no duplications of appointments.


The Ideas are Limitless

If you have an idea for an App, contact Absolutely Digital today.


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