Inspecting Assets

Business Efficiencies

Using Absolutely Digital Aerial drone services, inspecting work sites, pipelines, plants, storage tanks and more can be achieved at a reduced cost and without the added safety issues normally attributed to these types of essential business activities. 

Professional Images from a Drone Viewpoint

To Improve your Business Efficiencies

Site Safety Inspections

Using Drones to survey your worksites, your safety inspections can be done much quicker and more frequently at a lower cost.  Pinpoint inefficient operations or potential safety hazards quickly and avoid costly downtime.

Identifying problems to solve before they occur

Work Visualisation

Present your team with up to date information on their work areas with drone photography and videography.  Never has it been easier to provide such a high level of information to improve business efficiencies.

Improve communication

Manage inventory

Manage inventories more accurately and cost-effectively with the ability to detect, measure, and report stockpile mass, volume, and value.

Count your stock, notice losses and communicate your findings

Property Inspections

A drone can capture your stock, fences, irrigation, water stores and other assets on your property so that you can view their condition in real time.

Find out the condition of your assets on your property

Building Inspections

View your properties from an aerial perspective to identify any damage to tiles, air conditioners, antennas and solar panels to ensure their are operating efficiently.

Check your properties from above to check on their condition

Improve Your Business Efficiencies

If you need help managing your inventory, or getting real time images of your projects, Absolutely Digital can assist you.