Case Study: Call Centre Web Form


Client Problem

A client came to us with a complicated spreadsheet for developing customer quotes.  It was difficult to understand, and their team had trouble developing solutions.  They wanted us to develop a form for their call centre to capture all the required information. 


Client Solution

We developed a Customized Web Form for their Call Centre.  The form was designed with the client.  It was designed in a logical sequence. 


Quote Developed

After the information was captured, a recommended solution was delivered.  This solution was used to develop a quote for the client.  The quote was emailed to them.  The information was also sent to the Scheduling team.  They ordered the components and organised a delivery time.


Invoice Developed

An invoice was also generated after the system was installed.  It was sent to the client to ensure prompt payment. 


Certificate of Compliance Developed

A Certificate of Compliance was automatically generated from the database.  This was sent to the client after the system was installed.


Web Form Benefits

This system could benefit your business too:

  1. Providing an input form of the information required to get the job done.
  2. Collecting information digitally to process.
  3. Showing a list of jobs to be scheduled, sorted by Suburb.
  4. Developing an Invoice that is sent to the customer.  Or sending Invoice information to the Accounts department.
  5. Providing a Certificate of Compliance or similar document to email to the customer.


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