Personal Trainer App

Case Study: Personal Trainer App


As a Personal Trainer, you understand the importance of ensuring your clients get the best results.  This can be achieved by developing a customised app for your clients.


App Features

This membership app could include the following features:

  • Having different membership options to capture the needs of various personal training clients.
  • Taking before and during photos to see how their client’s body is changing as they are losing weight.
  • Recording weight and measurements for clients to see how their weight journey is progressing.
  • PT workouts for clients based on gym, floor, fitball, hand weights etc. These can be done on different levels including basic, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Recipes for clients to cook low calorie and nutrient rich meals, this can also include shopping lists and variations for pregnant or breast feeding clients
  • A tracker of weight changes in a graph to keep your clients motivated.
  • Recording food and water consumption, including recording calories to ensure clients don’t eat too much or eat the wrong foods
  • Push Notification tips to keep your clients motivated
  • Recording amount of and quality of sleep.
  • Booking a PT session with their favourite PT to keep them on track. This will also ensure that exercises are done correctly and will also keep clients motivated.
  • A Journal to record how they are feeling.
  • A schedule of different group classes with the ability to book classes through the App.


App Problems

As the market is being saturated with Personal Training Apps, you will have to be creative about your features to ensure that Apple will approve your App.


In Conclusion

This is an example of the information that can be recorded in an App and provided to PT clients. 

If you have an idea for a PT App, contact Absolutely Digital today.


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