Use drone Services to assist with your Construction

Construction & Surveying

From regular progress assessments to stockpile calculations, Absolutely Digital can improve your work site performance and efficiencies

Professional Images for your Construction Project

To keep you on track

Real Time Project Analysis

Use Aerial photography and video to review difficult worksites and ensure the work is being performed at the required standards. 

Uncover issues before your client does

Review Workflows for Site Management

Solve problems as soon as they become visible in areas that are difficult to view without putting your team at risk.

Improve site management

Site Planning

Overlay drone maps with site plans for utilities, waste water and equipment clearances to catch conflicts early to reduce costs.

Identify inconsistencies before they become problems

Share drone Images with the team

Images of your worksite can be shared with your entire team to keep them all up to date about the stage of the building project.

Improve communication with your team

Infield Analysis and reporting

Team your project images with specialised software to capture measurements and ensure your building is up to specifications.

Get accurate measurements safely

Need assistance with your Building Project Management?