Drone Videos

Aerial Videography with Licenced and Insured Drone Pilots for legal and safe operations

Drone Videos for multiple Applications

Achieve results easier with Drone Videos

What kind of drone Services?

  • Wineries – Show off your vines with grapes ready to be picked for the next vintage.
  • Tourism & Hospitality – Show off the key features of your property .
  • Solar Panel Inspections – Checking all solar panels to ensure they are not damaged andare all connected by wiring.
  • Insurance Assessment – Checking on damage to properties to ensure a loss to make a claim.
  • Building Inspections – Reviewing the building progress and also overlaying images to identify potential problems.
  • Real Estates – Ensure that all key features are captured to promote a property.
  • Roof Inspections – Checking the entire roof to ensure that there are no damaged roof tiles and to check the condition of roof fixtures.
  • Business Efficiencies – Checking the amount and condition of stock in the yard or field.

Customised Drone Services

We do all the work.  We discuss the purpose of your drone video to ensure that it meets your needs.

Absolutely Digital obtain all the permits and create a plan for taking your drone video footage.

We provide full post production for a professionally finished video for your specific use

Want a Drone Video?