How Can An App Benefit Electricians?

Electricians are very busy solving problems and connecting electricity.  The process may be simple, but they may miss some important information.  An App can assist Electricians in the following ways:

  1. Taking information from the customer – including Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Problem Descripton. You can add as much information as you need. 
  2. This job could be allocated to a specific Electrician with a Date to be completed.  This information is recorded in a database and can be used for further processing.
  3. The electrician seeing the customer can record how long they spent, whether a call-out fee applies, what components they used and how much, and which type of cabling. This information can be added to the database.
  4. An invoice is generated based on the name; address; and ABN (if supplied); how much time was spent with the customer; and the parts and cabling used. This ensures that all expenses are recovered from the customer.  This Invoice can be sent to the Manager who may then review and send to the customer for payment.

This whole system can be customized to your business needs.  There can be a pull-down menu for components and cabling used.  There may also be an option for the Electrician to add another item if the item they used is not in the pull-down list.  A call-out fee could be supplied based on the postcode of the customer to deduce the amount of travel. 

If components change, updates to the App can be made to ensure it continues to meet your business needs.

This would be your App and you would own it.  Absolutely Digital would update it as required when Google or Apple make changes or if you require improvements.

Contact Absolutely Digital today about developing a customized App for your business.