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Get More Customers for Your Service Based Business

Every small business owner has this problem. They may be doing well, but they would like more customers so they can increase their sales and profits and have more money to take home.

As a professional service provider, you recommend to your customers they should use a professional. Why develop your website yourself or have a friend or an unexperienced person develop your website? A website developed by a professional would generate better results with more traffic and sales for your business.

Your Website

If your website needs a complete revamp because you hate it or the platform is not user friendly or your website developer is not responding to your phone calls, you may need to consider developing a new website.

We can review or develop your website and make recommendations to ensure your website:

  • Can be found by a search engine
  • Is presenting your current service offerings
  • Has a great call to action
  • Has a phone number that allows people to call and speak with a person and make a booking for your service
  • Includes links to your social media channels
  • Shows positive customer reviews
  • Has a great flow through your website with no lost links
  • Includes great images and videos

Your website should grow with your business. We will work with you in the long term to develop a website that will suit you now that you can add to in the future. Your website can be easily updated, with a new layout, new plugins, and new features as you require.

Using Social Media

To get more visitors to your website and boost your sales, we recommend the use of Social Media. This is a great tool for bringing more traffic to your website and boosting sales. Social media accounts and digital marketing platforms that may be crucial for your business include:

  • Facebook/Instagram – Before and after photos of home and building services, and positive client testimonials
  • Linkedin – For Business to Business service providers that would like to have a more professional profile
  • Online Reviews – There are many online review websites and you will want to ensure they have positive reviews about your business
  • Email marketing – For professional business services or in a business to business market

We can set up, manage, or even train you or a staff member in social media to reach your customers and boost your sales.

If you would like a website review, or need assistance with your social media, contact Ann-Marie Gil on 0400 574 043 or email me at: