How can an App Benefit Car Mechanics?

Performing a routine car service is not always routine.  You want to ensure that as much information as possible is captured by the car mechanic to ensure the client is charged for all maintenance work performed on their car.

Information can be recorded before the service which includes:

  • The service to be provided such as a Service for a Specific Vehicle Make, Model, Year and kilometres travelled.
  • To list specific problems that the vehicle has that needs to be fixed. This could be listed as pull-down options or the problem can be entered manually.
  • A formal quote can be developed, printed out and given to the customer.

The car mechanic can be given specific information on a protected Ipad device:

  • The details recorded about the service
  • A list of parts that will be needed to complete the car service
  • Provide an estimate for the time to be taken on the service or to fix the problem.

The car mechanic can add to the details of the service, which include:

  • The parts actually used
  • Time taken for service
  • Time taken for fixing additional vehicle problems and adding any additional information about those problems

All this information can be sent to Accounts with the Service Quote to develop an Invoice for the client.

It is entirely up to you how your business processes this information.  Contact us today about developing a Customized App for your business.