How Can an App Benefit Transport Companies?

Web Apps

A Web App can be developed for Transport Companies that allows full automation of all processes to ensure everything is done as required. 

Transport Web App Features

Transport Company Web Apps can provide the following functions:

  • Capture information from customers including their Name, Address, Post Code, Phone number and goods to be transported
  • Drivers can add information to the customer’s details including delivery and location instructions, facilities available in the area including food, showers, pharmacy etc.
  • Can use GPS tracking software to locate trucks
  • Truck Drivers can communicate with each other through the App
  • Store information about drivers and trucks including truck storage capacity, regular driving routes, truck type and driver’s license type eg. Double B, Tray Top etc
  • Sort and allocate the jobs by location (through the postcode), truck and regular Routes
  • Send emails and SMS to customers advising when their goods will be delivered
  • Send notifications to Administration about when goods are delivered
  • Interface with Accounting Software to automatically generate invoices

If you have an idea for a Web App for your Transport Company, book a Zoom Meeting with me to discuss your idea.