How Can Apps Benefit Businesses?


There are so many Apps available to download and use.  It is estimated that Apple has 1.96 million apps to download (in 2022).  These are Apps that meet their strict criteria and work with the current Apple Algorithms.  There are also private Apps that are password protected and not available for general public use. 


App Categories

Apps can benefit businesses in many different ways and are divided into three basic categories:

  1. Keeping in contact with current customers or members.
  2. Web Apps that collect and retrieve data and are not uploaded by Apple or Google.
  3. Apps not allowed on the Apple Store, these may be implemented as Web Apps or Websites.


App Benefits: Apps that Keep in Contact with Members

Apps that keep in contact with current customers or members include:

  • Personal Trainer Apps that provide recipes and training sessions to members.
  • Private Membership Apps that send information to current customers.  Information sent to customers includes new events, procedures, timetables, and other information.
  • Customer order apps that receive orders from customers.  Information is then sent to appropriate staff through App notifications and/or emails.
  • Prescription processing apps are held by your Chemist.  These Apps fill your prescriptions.


App Benefits: Web Apps that Improve Information Processing

Apps that improve information processing are Private apps that can:

  • Obtain information from customers, including name, address, and other relevant information.
  • Develop quotes from information received from customers.
  • Process jobs by providing all the information required for the job.
  • Provide job schedules to process jobs to be completed.
  • Develop certificates of compliance or other documents.
  • Any other processing reason.

These apps can be developed as Web Apps, they look like an App but behave like a website.  Web Apps are not downloaded from Google and Apple and are not available to the general public.  They are password protected and used by private businesses.  Customers can gain access through a Membership or the App may be accessed by staff for information processing.


Apps Not Approved by Apple

Apps that are not allowed on the Apple store may contain unethical information that is not approved by Apple.  These Apps can be developed as private Membership Web Apps.  They are a website that can look like an App on mobile devices.  They can be password protected and members can have a free or paid subscription.  Examples of unethical activities include:

  • Immoral content – such as racism, sexism, or sexually explicit content.
  • Illegal activities – such as drugs or sex workers.

All these can be developed as Web Apps as they would not be approved by Apple.

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