How have Modbury Bowling Club Benefited from their App?

Modbury Bowling Club have been involved in a pilot program for their Membership App which was rolled out in June 2017 with some exceptional results:

1. An 80% take up rate by Modbury Bowling Club members with many members purchasing an Iphone or similar device just so they can get the App.

2. Access to current timetables so members can locate where their games are being played.

3. Members can find games they would like to attend to support other team members.

4. An easy link through to Google Maps to locate Bowling Clubs that are difficult to find.

5. Easy access to other members phone numbers (should they wish to supply them).

6. Easy access to Committee members’ phone numbers to contact them about selections, club opening times, events, tournaments and other items.

7. Access to their membership card to ascertain the balance on their card for use at the Club Bar and for purchasing uniforms and other items.

8. A list of Bowling Club Sponsors so that members can purchase from them to thank them for supporting their Bowling Club.

9. Access to push notifications about events, programs and event cancellations due to hot or rainy weather.

If you would like a Membership App for your Sporting Club, check out Apps for Clubs today.