App Development Needs

How Will App Development Meet my Needs?


What Can An App Do?

Think about the processes that you have in your business.  How much easier would it be if you had an app to do one or more of those processes?

For example, your customers could order products through an App.  They would not have to call your office to talk with a Sales Rep.  They would not have to confirm their order via email.  The process would be much simpler and efficient.  This could save valuable time in your business and reduce the incidence of mistakes.


What Are the Goals of An App?

With App development we work with you to discuss your requirements and goals of your app which include the following:

  • The purpose of your app – to communicate with customers or members, to order products, to make appointments, etc.
  • The layout of your app, including user experience, pages and links between pages.
  • The colours of your app so that it suits your logo.
  • The time frame for app development – which is dependent on you sending the information we require.
  • How your app will interface with other platforms to enable process automation.
  • Which platforms you would like your app on Google and/or Apple?


How Will the App Meet My Needs?

We will ensure that your App will meet with your needs:

  • The App will be developed in stages which will be clearly outlined in your proposal. 
  • All costs are included in your proposal so there will be no nasty surprises. 
  • We will be meeting with you on a regular basis to ensure your app meets with your needs and criteria.
  • We will show you a template of your App so you will know what it will look like.
  • There will be thorough testing of your App through the entire process.
  • Our App Developers are all in Adelaide and are employees of Absolutely Digital.
  • Upgrades can be performed when required outside of the contract.
  • Most importantly, you will own your App and this is clearly outlined in your contract.
  • We will be with you for the life of your App to ensure that it meets your needs.


You will be involved in the development of your App through the entire process.

Contact us today to talk about an idea you have for an App.


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