Case Study – A Job Processing App for a Transport Company

This App was developed to pack and unload containers.  It could be adapted for use by a Transport Company.  This App has the following functions:

  • Recording all jobs as they come in.  This includes size, weight, and category (dangerous goods, refrigerated, fragile, etc), and delivery location.
  • Recording weight and size (cubic centimetres) of freight.  Also, a photo of the consignment number or of the freight can be added.
  • Sending email notifications and/or push notifications to the Manager of container loading.
  • Manually allocating jobs to Trucks or, the App could do that.  A detailed spreadsheet of trucks including Rego, Departure Days or Dates, maximum load (in kgs and cubic centimetres) is required.  Plus all route and job data.
  • A “No Contact” option for clients due to Covid-19.  All deliveries are signed for electronically or a photo is taken of the delivery location.
  • Detailed reporting to ensure all jobs are processed correctly.
  • Provide a list of jobs that were not processed correctly.  This would include consignment numbers that were not allocated to trucks.
  • The App can be integrated with your Invoicing system.  Invoices won’t need to be manually entered.

These are functions that can be included in your App.  You know your business and which information is required.  Talk to us today about your App idea to improve information processing.