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Case Study: Medical Websites

We can develop your Medical Website with you and make it something that you will truly be proud of.


Outlining Your Solution

Ensuring your customers understand the services you provide:

  • What is the goal of your website? Such as obtaining members or obtaining patients.
  • How can your medical services benefit your customers?
  • What are your specialisations?
  • How do patients or members get an appointment?


Using Appropriate Imagery

We always ensure that we use appropriate images, including the following:

  • Images support the written content on your website.
  • Explainer videos of the services you offer.
  • Images which are not off-putting to website visitors, such as excess blood.
  • Ensuring you have the rights to use chosen images.


Developing Your HomePage

Having clear content on your Website Home Page:

  • Outlining your services.
  • Discussing the problems or conditions that your services support.
  • Listing your Doctors names on your Home page or Services pages.
  • Allowing customers or patients to make bookings from your home page.


Website Training

Training you to keep your website up-to-date including:

  • Adding in new Doctors or taking out old Doctors.
  • Making new pages for additional services or website content.
  • Adding images to your pages and blog.
  • Making changes to your menu.
  • Optional Monthly Maintenance is also available should you be unable to update and backup your website.
If you would like to discuss your medical website requirements, contact us today.