Case Study: Membership Websites

Are you finding it difficult to keep in contact with your customers or members?

One solution is to add a Membership plugin to your WordPress website that will allow you to share information with your customers or members.

Why would you need a membership section?

There are many reasons for offering a private members area for your business through your website:

  • Online courses – deliver content exclusively to your members or students.
  • Private communities – share your content with private communities for their benefit only.
  • “Premium” content – Make your membership exclusive and offer your customers premium content they won’t get anywhere else.
  • A private forum – Have restricted access to certain membership levels with private information to share with your customers. They can also comment on this information in a forum.
  • E-commerce perks – Offer special discounts to your customers they receive by logging in as members.

What are the functions available for a membership section?

The following functions can be obtained by using a membership plugin:

  • Certain pages or articles can be available to members only.
  • Different subscription levels with different content available for each subscription type.
  • Different payment options may be available including Stipe and Paypal. You could offer payment by the month or year. There could be limited access for a FREE subscription.
  • Your membership section could be integrated with eCommerce or your email platform.


There may be several options available for your needs. Check out the membership websites we have developed below. Contact us today to find out which Membership platform suits your business and website.