What are Mobile App Functions?

Mobile App Development can have many functions, but most Apps have a specific set of functions.

A Game App

A Game App which will provide entertainment. A version could be Free with Ads, or pay a Fee to have no ads.

A Membership App

A Membership App can be purchased through a Password protected website and a version could also be free. This App will provide much information based on customer needs.

A Business App

A Business App cannot be downloaded from Apple or Google but is available from a Password Protected website. This App which will provide information to staff to do their jobs.  A Business App could have the following functions:

  • A list of questions to ask customers.
  • A schedule of places to visit.
  • Processes to undertake in order to complete a task.
  • An email is generated.

An Activity App

An Activity App. Will perform a specific activity such as:

  • Provide Ice Breaking Activities.
  • Provide a Dating Profile after a series of questions has been answered.
  • Generate random raffle numbers.
  • Read written text or convert written text to speech.

Apps for Clubs

Apps can be written specifically for clubs, such as Sporting Clubs, Professional Organisations, Not for Profits and Universities or Schools. The following functions can be added:

  • Have a program of games or events listed for access by all members.
  • Send push notifications about events or changes in policies.
  • Have a list of contacts.
  • Policies and Procedures can be downloaded through the App.

This is just the beginning.  If you have an idea for an App that includes these functions or your own functions, contact us today.