Mobile Website or Mobile App for your Business?

Today it is essential that your business has some sort of mobile presence. Being accessible via mobile devices is simply smart business as more and more people are accessing the Internet via their mobiles to find and conduct business. It can be a website that is mobile optimised or a purpose built app.

Which Should I Have? Both? How Do I Decide?

Mobile Optimised Websites

A mobile optimised website has been developed for ease of access and visibility. It is the same as the main website but automatically detects the type of device that is browsing the site and changes the layout to allow for the effective navigation and usability.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app is been developed specifically for mobile devices and it a bit more engaging and in general provides a better user experience. It must be downloaded and installed on a device and remains on the device until the user decides to remove it. Mobile apps can also be developed to integrate with device features and functions that websites cannot. Some of these features that Mobile Apps can provide over Mobile Optimised websites are:

  • Customer retention – they don’t need to search for you on the web to find you. They are able to tap on your app and access your business.
  • Provide customer specific incentives, rewards and communications.
  • Push notifications – send your customers offers or information directly to their mobile phone.
  • Push notifications when in a specific geographic area.
  • Easier Social Media interaction
  • Much, much more.

Both Mobile Optimised Websites and mobile apps have their place and we recommend that you have both. This would allow you can promote your mobile app from your mobile optimised website so the visitor can download it. Inform them about the app and what additional functionality it provides for them to take advantage of like special offers and incentives. Mobile apps are really the way of the future because they offer 24-7 accessibility to your business, its offerings and incentives at the touch of an icon.

What Can a Mobile App Do For My Business?” 

Consider a mobile app that could:

  • Send discount coupons to your customers
  • Inform your potential customer of
    • your new products and services with push notifications
    • Special offers or discounts to your app customers
    • Send out newsletters
  • Much, much more.

Here Are Some Examples of How Apps are Useful

  • Restaurants
    • Menus
    • Special offers
    • Book a table
    • Order your food
  • Schools
    • Events calendar
    • Newsletters
    • Gallery
    • School policies
  • Sporting Clubs
    • Games and timetables
    • Weather warnings and policy
    • Contact details
    • List of other clubs in the competition
    • Google Map of Clubs

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