How Can an App Benefit Painters?

Painters may have a lot of information from different customers which needs to be reviewed and updated to ensure the job gets done.  A Customized App could benefit a Painter in the following ways:

  1. Collecting information over the phone, including Name, Address, Phone Number, Email and Description of work to be completed, eg number of rooms, condition of walls, height of rooms, external, etc.
  2. Visiting the site to get further information about the amount of work involved. This could include condition of the walls (possible rating system); the amount of prep work (including time estimate); undercoats; the size and height of the rooms; the condition of the exterior; and estimate of amount of paint required.
  3. This information is sent to the Manager to develop a Quote which is sent to the client.
  4. Once the customer accepts the quote, and advises of the paint type and colour, the job is put on the list of jobs to be completed. The dates are confirmed with the customer.  The job is then allocated a date, time, Painter, Paint Brand and Type and paint Colour, including any preparation, sanding and undercoats. 
  5. The Painter is then sent a list of jobs to be completed during a day and week. There may also be site visits to get details for quotes.  All the project details are available, including the Name, Address, Contact Number, Details of the job, and materials required.
  6. After the Painting job has been completed, the Painter indicates so on the App with any alterations to the quote. This information is sent to the manager to approve.
  7. The Manager reviews the job information, makes any changes, and sends the information to the Accountant or Book-keeper.
  8. An Invoice is then generated and sent back to the Manager for approval. If the Manager is happy with the Invoice, it is then sent to the Client.  A request for a Testimonial with a link to Facebook or Google is sent with the Invoice.

This is an outline of what your App could look like.  If you want to make any changes it is up to you.  Contact Absolutely Digital today for a discussion about your Customized App.