Case Study: How Can an App Benefit Plumbers?


Plumber Apps would solve so many problems.  Plumbers need to know where they are going; what the problem is; and how they are going to fix it. 


First Point of Contact

The first point of contact with the customer should record the following details in an App:

  • Name, Address, Phone number and valid email address
  • A description of what the problem is
  • A call out fee quoted to the client plus a discussion about cost per hour.
  • Any other specific information.
  • After this information is retrieved, a Job Number is generated. This information is sent to someone to allocate to a Plumber. 


Set up a Plumbing Job

Based on the location and availability of plumbers, a Plumber and date of job are allocated. 


Push Notifications

A Push Notification is sent to the plumber, with name, address, date of call, and problem to be solved. All this information is recorded in a database for later use.  The plumber will have a list of jobs for the day, they may be in a specific order based on location or the plumber may need to decide where to go next. 


Job Selection

The plumber can select a job to go to. After the job is completed, he/she will have a pull-down menu of the activities he completed.  There may also be another section to add more information. 

He/she can list the parts he used from the pull-down menu and add a call-out fee and how much time was spent on the job.  He can also press a button stating that he has completed the job.


The Completed Job

The completed Job will go to the Plumber’s Manager for review. It will have project costs as well as amounts to be invoiced to the customer.  The Manager can make changes here and send the job to be invoiced.


The Accounts Department

The Accounts department will get jobs to be invoiced, once invoiced, a copy is sent to the Manager for approval.


The Manager Approves the Invoice

The Manager approves the invoice or makes changes and sends back to the Accounts Department. Once approved, the invoice is sent to the Client.


The Entire Process

This may be your entire process or you may want to add or exclude information, it is up to you. 

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