Inspect a Roof from the safety of the ground

Roof Inspections

Getting on a roof of a property can be dangerous.  Work with one of our pilots to get the views you need to make the inspection easier without putting yourself or staff at risk. 

Safe and effective Roof Inspections

Obtain a great visual on roofs

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging to find out which solar panels are not working correctly or efficiently.

Without getting on the roof

Visual Inspections

Visual Inspections to identify issues such as cracks, leaks and damage to solar panels, roof vents and air conditioners.

Checking the condition of everything on the roof

Accurate roof measurements

Accurate and consistent measurements of a roof including square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area and slope.

For an accurate quote

Inspecting all rooftop assets

Checking the condition of your rooftop assets to find out their condition and requirements.

To assist with organising roof maintenance

Get the Big Picture

A lot safer with accurate measurements and estimated material costs