How Can an App Benefit Solar System Installers?

We can develop a Customized App to process the information required to complete a Solar System Installation.  This could include the following activities:

Collecting information from the customer:

  • The Name, Address and Contact details for the client
  • Is there a Solar System and/or Battery required?
  • Is there a problem with their current system? If the job is a fix job, is the system still under warranty?
  • If the system is a new Solar or Battery Installation, a current Electricity Bill can be uploaded to understand the amount of energy required
  • An Estimate the amount of electricity required based on current and future energy needs

The Solar System designer can add the following information to the project:

  • An Estimate the length of cables required for the entire job
  • Options to select solar panels based on product availability – this can be changed as required
  • Options to select Solar System Batteries – this can also be changed
  • Estimate of time required to complete the Solar Installation

A formal quote can be developed from this information:

  • Price of Project
  • Any rebates available
  • Brand and Model of Solar System
  • Brand and Model of Solar Battery
  • Any other important information

Just give us a call and we can talk about a customized app to process your Solar Installations.