How can an App Benefit Website Developers?

In order to develop a website that meets your client’s needs you will need to capture information about the website the client wants.

An App can automate many different components of website development including:

  • Capturing the requirements for the new website:
    • The purpose of the website whether that be informational, Ecommerce, Membership etc
    • Whether the existing website content will be used in the new website
    • Whether content will be supplied by the client or developed with the client
    • Names of pages – Home page, Services Pages, About Us, Projects Page, Contact Us etc
  • Documenting a discovery session to work out the requirements of the new website:
    • Confirming the page names
    • Confirming the page contents
    • The location of the images to be used
    • Recording reference sites
  • Developing a website contract that includes all the requirements:
    • Website purpose and goals
    • Information, Membership or Ecommerce platforms
    • Contact Person’s Name and email address

We can develop customized forms to suit your needs that could capture this information and send it to those people performing the tasks.  We can also develop formal quotes based on the information you have provided.  It is entirely up to you how you want your App to work for your business. 

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