What are App and Website Differences?

When looking at the difference between a website and an app, you have to remember they are both for different purposes.  Websites are for your prospective customers and everyone else on the world wide web.  Apps are just for your customers or your staff to communicate and share information.

What is the Purpose of Apps?

Apps do specific things such as:

  • To provide private recipes to paying customers
  • Give exercises to PT clients
  • Share information within a business about projects for solar system installers, car repairers, builders and other tradesmen
  • To book private meetings with customers
  • To sell products or services to a select group of customers (who have downloaded the App)

What are the Differences Between Websites and Apps?

Other differences include:

  • An app needs to be downloaded from Apple or Google, whereas a website is visible on the internet to everyone
  • Websites can be developed from templates and can include custom code; whereas apps are only coded.
  • Apps can be rejected by Apple; but information can be shared on the internet through a website.
  • A Web App can be developed that looks like an App but is in fact a website with clever coding. This is a great tool for Apps that may be rejected by Apple.

If you have an idea for an App and are not sure whether it can be developed as an App, contact us today.