What are the Most Common Problems in Digital Marketing?

The most common problems with digital marketing are fairly consistent across different businesses, no matter what their size, products sold or services offered.

The most common problems with digital marketing are:

  • Not having a website that meets its goals – the website must have clear goals per page with a call to action for every page.
  • Not planning strategies – digital marketing is seen as a way to bring traffic to websites to boost sales. Strategies are often not aligned with website content to meet their goals.
  • Not working with the sales department – digital marketing strategies need to support the sales department. The sales staff would be aware of the questions and objections, reasons for not buying, product and service faults and everything about the products and services. A Digital Marketer must communicate with the sales department to develop content to answer all questions that customers have.
  • Not aligning with sales commissions and rewards – The sales team may prefer to offer one solution over another as it offers a higher commission than other products. This does not mean that it is more suitable to the customers’ needs, it just means that it has a higher sales volume. If a Manager wants to promote the sale of a particular product, then the customer’s needs and the sales staff’s motivation must be aligned.
  • Hit and miss – a sporadic approach – Often times Digital Marketers will not get enough direction from Management about goals and preferred strategies. This leads to digital marketers not doing their own research to work out which digital marketing strategies will work best and they just try strategies to find out what sticks. These strategies may be a hit or a miss with no specific goals in mind and no targeted end result.
  • Not hiring experienced staff – who may not understand how their digital marketing strategies need to be aligned with their corporate strategies and goals.


If you are finding that Digital Marketing Strategies in your business have one or more of these problems, contact Absolutely Digital for a discussion about what you can do to improve your digital marketing strategies email me at: annmariegil@absolutelydigital.com.au