Complete Marketing Plan

What does a Complete Marketing Plan include?

A complete marketing plan is a comprehensive marketing document for yourself and your staff to follow. This will increase your sales and improve your website and marketing strategies. We will need access to your Google Analytics to find out how your existing digital marketing strategies are working.

Your complete marketing plan could include:

  • Sales Goal Review – Assessing your sales goals to ensure they are achievable. We will also need to ensure there is enough marketing material available to meet these sales goals.
  • Sales Seasonality Review – Reviewing your current sales to establish if there is a seasonality in the sales of your products/services.
  • Customer Journey – Identifying the process for closing customers’ sales.
  • SWOT Analysis – Reviewing your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to establish what your business is doing well. We will also make recommendations for improvements.
  • Developing Customer Profiles for each of your target customers. This will ensure you meet their needs with your products and services offered.
  • Digital Competitor Review (for up to 3 competitors) – A review of their on-line presence which includes their website, social media accounts and online directory listings. We will also check blog articles, online reviews, media articles and current social media and Google ads.
  • Website Review – A complete review of your website; the customer journey through your website; and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Social Media Review – Reviewing your social media accounts; assessing your social media engagement; and links back to your website.
  • Email Marketing Review – Reviewing your email marketing strategies and finding out how effective they are for engaging your customers and improving website hits.
  • Google Ads and Social Media Ads Review – If you have run or are currently running Google ads and social media ads, they can be reviewed to find out if they are meeting your advertising goals. We will also assess if they are generating a return on investment.
  • Yearly Marketing Planner – Developing a Yearly Marketing Planner that correlates with your sales targets to ensure the best possible outcome for your marketing strategies and sales.

If your business does not have a marketing plan or your marketing plan needs to be updated, contact us today for a FREE discussion. You can email me .