What is our Website Development Process?

Digital has been developing websites since 2007 and has found that the best results for website development have been obtained by following a development process as detailed above.

  1. Scope Discussion – An in-depth discussion about your website goals, functions, and layout. We listen to you to find out what you would like on a website.
  2. Email Scope and Budget – We confirm your scope and budget so you understand what you will be getting for your money.
  3. Formal Proposal – From your accepted scope and budget we develop a formal proposal which outlines all of your website requirements.
  4. Scope Meeting – To discuss the process and needs of the client further.
  5. Design Layouts – Web Developer to design all the layouts for all of the pages and have them approved by the client.
  6. Upload Content and Images to Dropbox – The client is to upload all content to Dropbox.
  7. Enter Content and Images – Web Developer to upload all content and images to the website and ensure the website flows seamlessly.
  8. Finalise All Website Content – Client to confirm they are happy with all layouts, content and images.
  9. Client Training – The client or employee is trained in making minor changes to the website, such as uploading articles or changing contact information.
  10. Website Handover – The website is handed over to the client to ensure the content is updated as required.
  11. Optional Monthly Maintenance – The website is backed up and software updates are performed regularly. If the website goes down a recovery is attempted.
  12. Future Website Changes – Any future website changes are discussed with the developer and the current website can be updated or a new website can be developed alongside the old website.

How does this process benefit your business?

  1. As we discuss your requirements from the first discussion, you will get a website you can be proud of.
  2. You are involved in your website development through every step of the process.
  3. You can see your website being built, page by page.
  4. You can write your content or we can find a Copywriter for you.
  5. Your website will reflect your brand image and personality.
  6. We will receive your feedback throughout the entire process.
  7. We will hand over your website to you and train you or a staff member to keep your website up to date.
  8. Optional Monthly Maintenance is available to ensure your website is backed up and the software is updated regularly.

If you want a website you can be proud of Contact Absolutely Digital today for a discussion.