What is the Difference Between a Website, Web App and an App?


Everyone knows what a website is. A website is available for viewing on the internet. Customers and competitors can review your website.  It is a great sales tool for your prospective customers; however, you want to give just enough information for a customer to call you. If you make your pricing available, your competitors and customers can review it. If you don’t make your pricing available on the internet, your customers will have to contact you to find out more about your goods and/or services. If you have an Ecommerce website, then you will have to make your pricing available for customers to purchase your goods.

Web Apps

A Web App looks like a website, but it is not used to showcase your business. It is a Private Web App with Password Protection that processes information for your business.

Web App Features

We custom build Web Apps with our clients to do the following:

  • Capture information from customers, including Customer Name, Address, Phone Number, Business Name, and order
  • Information is held on your Web App and you can send an email to notify others of the order
  • Reports can be generated for your Customers if you require
  • Order is placed for your products/services
  • Data is sorted based on your requirements:
  • For delivery businesses, the App can schedule deliveries based on the postcode of the deliveries and your standard delivery runs which are also stored in the App
  • GPS Tracking to locate your order and advise when it will be delivered
  • Reports can be generated and sent to your customer with a copy emailed to you – eg Building Inspection Report
  • Upload images to a job, including photos of goods being transported
  • Tell us the functions you would like, and we will include them in your Web App Proposal


An App can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Apps on Apple Play and the Google Store

Be aware of the following for publishing Apps:

  • Apple won’t support an App that sells illegal goods
  • Apple won’t support an App that is immoral, for example, prostitution
  • Apple will want a commission if your App sells products – alternatively, you can develop a Web App for your existing customers to purchase products from
  • Apple and Google will change their algorithms and your App will no longer function – you will need your App to be reviewed and updated to get it working on the Apple Store and Google Play
  • We work with you in the long term to ensure your App can still be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play
  • We update your App with additional functions as required – we will provide a fixed price quote before performing the App update

If you have an idea for an App, and a budget from $6,000 ex GST, organise a Zoom Meeting with Ann-Marie Gil.