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What Should I Look for in An App Programmer?


There are App Programmers and then there are experienced App Programmers.  You need to ensure the following so that your App idea is successful.


Is your App Programmer based in Australia? 

If your App Programmer is based overseas, you may not own the App. Also, you may not be able to update the App as the Programmer can’t be located or does not want to perform the updates.  Some App Development companies have a business in Australia and use Programmers from overseas.  Ask them where their App Developers are located and if they are able to perform App updates.


Who Owns the App?

Who owns the App? The App Developer may own the App and you will not have rights of ownership.  Ensure you will own your App by having a Contract in place that states that you own the App.


Does the App Programmer have a Portfolio?

Your chosen developer should have a portfolio of Apps they have developed that can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play.  You should be able to access these to test their functionality.  Where an App Programmer has developed an App for a Business and has signed an NDA, you will not be able to access that App.  However, the App Programmer should be able to give you a broad description of the App.


Can your Programmer Develop a Fixed Price Quote with your Required Functions?

The App Developer you have chosen should be able to provide this for you.  If they cannot provide a Fixed Price Quote, then you may be at risk of paying a lot of money for an App that may not ever be developed.  Also, you won’t have control over the functions that you require.

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