Which Program Should My Website Be Developed In?


Absolutely Digital have used many platforms to develop websites. However, we now using WordPress websites to develop our customers’ websites.


Why WordPress?

WordPress is an opensource platform that is FREE with several options that may have a small cost.

30% of the World’s websites are built with WordPress.


WordPress Custom Build

We can custom-build your website to ensure you can get exactly what you want. We can also custom design your User Interface to ensure your User Experience and User Design is exceptional.


WordPress Templates

Their templates are developed by programming specialists that develop templates free or at a minimal cost.

Different WordPress templates have been developed for different purposes. You can find a WordPress template that meets your business’ needs.

Absolutey Digital can assist you to select the best WordPress Website template to suite your business needs.


Community Development and Testing

WordPress add-ons and templates have been thoroughly tested by communities.  Community forums post comments about templates and add-ons that can give you an idea about how add-ons and templates are functioning.  Just search for “Wordpress forums” to find out about their recommendations.


Shopify Websites

If you are selling products on-line then you should consider having a website developed in Shopify. We can do all the hard work for you and train you to update your website.


Developing your Website with You

We can set up your website and add your content.


Training You to Update Your Website

Business Success can train you how to update your WordPress or Shopify website content. Google loves fresh website content which improves your website’s search engine rankings and visitors.


Giving you the Best Advice About Plugins

We can advise on the best plugins that increase the functionality of your website which can include an eCommerce add-on, contact forms, sliders (images at the top), keywords and other modules.

For more information about developing your WordPress website or Shopify website, contact us today.