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Why Are Apps Rejected by Apple?


Why did your App get rejected? Apple has some very strong criteria for hosting your App.  We often find that Google will approve an App and Apple will reject that same App. 

If you submit your App, Apple may reject it if it does not provide original content.  We can add some more features to get your App approved. 

Apple has some pretty strong criteria and conditions for accepting apps.  If your App does not meet the following guidelines, it will also be rejected by Apple.


Apple App Conditions

  • If your App is not appropriate for kids, you will need to advise Apple.
  • If you don’t want everyone to download your App, don’t get it approved by Apple.  Publish it on your own password-protected website.
  • Apps will not be accepted if they are over the line. You will know what over the line is when you see it.
  • If you try to cheat the process, steal data or steal other developers’ work, your App will not be approved.
  • Your App Developer is responsible for ensuring you follow these guidelines.
  • Your App crashes.
  • Your App does not contain any content that will upset people, damage their device or cause physical harm.
  • Have realistic portrayals of people.
  • No defamation or discrimination.
  • No illegal activity or use of weapons.
  • No pornography or sexual activity.
  • Inflammatory Religious activity is unacceptable
  • False information or features.


We Will Let You Know

We will let you know if we feel that your App will not meet these guidelines.  This will happen when we Scope out your App.  We will let you know.

As an alternative, we may be able to develop a Web App that looks like an App, but is actually a website.  You can add a membership plugin so people it can be downloaded and used.

If you have an idea for an App and you don’t think Apple will accept it, contact us today.


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