App Development

Why is App Development so Popular?


App development popularity has been increasing.  Apps have been around for quite some time.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are apps.  These Apps are obviously working well. They are meeting the needs of their subscribers and generating an income.

There are many reasons for App Development popularity.


Apps make life easier

There is no need to go on-line and order or phone someone.  You have an App that can place an order with a Restaurant, order your medication, book your hair cut, book your Doctor’s appointment or perform many other functions.


Apps are Fun

There are so many games that entertain us.  We can also socialize through an App.  Facebook is a huge app that has changed our world.  There are so many Apps out there that are fun and easy to use.

People are spending more time on their smartphones.  App Development popularity is bound to increase.

These days almost everyone has a smartphone and they are using them all the time.  In America, 97% of people have a Smart Phone.  If you want to reach those people, then an App will ensure they stay in contact with you. 


Improved Communication

Smart Phones allow you to keep in contact with people by communicating through SMS or another App.  Facebook Messenger is a very popular platform for contacting people.  There are so many Apps out there that communicate with people.  If you have an App, you can send “Push Notifications” to people who have downloaded your App.


Marketing and Branding

Once your App has been downloaded, it can be used to send marketing messages.  You can use your App to:

  • Remind them about appointments
  • Send them messages about new features
  • Let them know about specials
  • Send them info about events


Lead Generation and Higher Conversion

You can send notifications about new products or services to customers whom have downloaded your App.  You can send them reminders and they can make bookings through the App.  You can send them messages about product specials or new products coming onto the market. 


Increase in Sales

If your customers have your App, you are selling products by sending them push notifications about product features and specials.  You can be sure that your sales will increase.  If you know your market well, you will be able to send them what they need and they will buy it.

You can also have ads on other Apps which can sell your goods and services. 

If you have an idea for an App and want to know if it can be developed, contact us today.


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